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Yummy Ice Cream Vanilla Body Cream (DIscontinued)

Yummy Ice Cream Vanilla Body Cream

Yummy Ice Cream Vanilla Body Cream (DIscontinued)

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Discontinued on April, 22 2015.

Enjoy our delicious ice cream flavored treats made just for kids! Because these bath treats are from 100% Pure, there are, of course, never any synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives or any other toxins and only made with all natural, organic nutrients to help nourish and pamper your skin! Recommended for children 2 and up.

Because the future belongs to you, our formulas are biodegradable, our labels are printed with soy ink and our packaging is recyclable and is mostly made from post-consumer recycled plastic, glass or aluminum. We also love animals so all our formulas are vegan and since all our ingredients are natural and food based, none of our ingredients or formulas ever had to of been tested on animals! Recommended for children 2 and up.

For Who

For children 2 yrs old and up.

Directions for Use

Apply small amount to child's skin, rub until absorbs into skin.


Aloe Juice, Chamomile Extracts, Organic Avocado Butter*, Organic Cocoa Butter*, Organic Shea Butter*, Organic Rosehip Oil*, Organic Vanilla Absolute4, Candelia Wax, Vitamin E (a-tocopherol), Extracts of Organic Vanilla*, Cucumber, Organic Rosemary*, Organic Oregano*, Organic Thyme*, Organic Goldenseal*, Organic Lavender5 and Japanese Honeysuckle, Organic VanillaFlavor* * Certified Organic

Product Size

net wt. 8 fl oz / 236 ml


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Yummy Ice Cream Vanilla Body Cream (DIscontinued) by Pure Community

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