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Shipping FAQs

Shipping Rates:

Shipping Method Transit Time Cost
Standard 5-10 Business Days FREE
Flat Rate - 3 Business Days 3 Business Days $9.95
Flat Rate - 2 Business Days 2 Business Days $14.95
Flat Rate - Next Day (Overnight) 1 Business Days $19.95

Order Fulfillment:

Orders are processed through our system one time per day by 8am PST. All orders placed thereafter will be processed the next business day. Please allow 1-2 business days for your order to be fulfilled and shipped. If we experience high volume for a promotion or holiday, please allow an additional 2 business days for fulfillment.

Orders with expedited shipping will be processed and fulfilled up until 12 noon PST. All orders placed thereafter will be processed the next business day. Please note that business days do NOT include the weekend or national holidays. Please note that all shipping costs are non-refundable.

Shipping Carrier:

Orders with standard service will ship via either FedEx or USPS depending on total weight and zipcode. Any addresses containing a PO box, APO/DPO address, destinations in Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico which will automatically ship via USPS.

Please note that any orders with expedited shipping service will ship with either FedEx Express or USPS Priority, with the exception of addresses going to a PO Box, APO/DPO address, destinations in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Guam and other US territories will ship via USPS.

Inclement Weather Conditions:

If your area is experiencing any harsh storms or severe temperatures please be aware of possible occurrences you may experience. Our shipping carriers can have delays in those immediate areas due to flight delays and/or truck breakdowns or stalls. This can happen to both ground shipping and expedited shipping. You may see your tracking information reflect these delays. In these cases, we must ask that you remain patient while the local teams work to get your package to you. If it has been over 2 weeks past the ship date, please inquire with us for further information.

Severe temperatures can cause changes in our products. Liquids can freeze during the colder seasons and may cause the packaging to crack or break. Please use caution if you've noticed this happen to your items. If you receive your items damaged, please contact us for further assistance. If the packaging is in tact but the product is frozen, please note that the ingredients are all natural and can be thawed and then shaken to return it back to its original consistency.

During the warmer seasons your solid items may show signs of separation or melting. Because our products are all natural, you can simply stir contents and then let them sit in room temperatures until they return back to their original consistency.

Occasionally carriers make mistakes, and may deliver to the wrong location (ie. down the street, next door, etc.). If this happens, or you're still not able to locate your package, please contact us at or 415-814-9788.

I have a tracking number, how do I track it?

FedEx tracking numbers have 12 digits and can be tracked at Fedex's website.

ie. 1234-5678-9012

USPS tracking numbers have 22 digits and can be tracked at USPS's website.

ie. 1234567890123456789012

How did my package ship? Why did one ship FedEx and the other USPS?

The shipping method is determined by the weight of the package. Lighter packages are generally shipped with USPS and heavier ones with FedEx. There are exceptions when the package is being shipped to a PO Box, APO, DPO, or FPO address.

Why does my USPS tracking number state 1-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day Delivery? Is it expedited?

USPS recently updated their shipping policy to reflect their new estimated transit times to deliver a package across the nation. This is not the same as expediting. This shows the amount of days USPS estimates for packages to be delivered via standard shipping.

How do I know my package has shipped?

Once orders are processed, tracking numbers are automatically emailed in the shipment confirmation when labels are printed and will associated with the package. When the tracking number is tracked online, you can see the current transit status for the package. There are 3 main tracking statuses: label created, In transit, Delivered.

If the status is “label created” – (FedEx) or “pre-shipment” – (USPS), it means a label has been created for your order but it has not yet been picked up / shipped.

The status will be updated to “In Transit” once the package has been scanned into the FedEx system after pick up. During special promotions and holidays, it can take an extra day or two to be scanned into the system.

The “in-transit” status appears after the package has been picked up and scanned into Carrier’s system at their facility.

It will continue to show “In Transit” throughout the entire journey to the final destination where the last scan will update the status to “Delivered”.

Please note that there is no visibility for really light USPS packages that are under 1lb and shipped via First Class. Tracking for these packages will generally show when it was shipped and when it was delivered. Sometimes errors occur during transit due to insufficient information, weather conditions, unable to deliver, etc. When these errors occur, the tracking page will show that there is a “delivery exception” and delivery may be delayed.

The following are examples of “delivery notifications” : When there is an exception for an “incorrect address”, it means that there may be a misspelling, missing information, or the apartment/ suite number is incorrect.

If you see that there is a notice for incorrect address and we have not contacted you, you can contact our Brand Ambassadors at

Once the address has been corrected, the carrier will re-attempt delivery the next business day. When there is an exception for “customer not available or business closed”, it means that delivery was attempted but the final destination was closed or the recipient was unavailable. The carrier will attempt delivery the next business day.

When there is an exception for “unable to deliver, returned to shipper”, it means that the recipient has moved, package cannot be forwarded to the new location, or 2-3 delivery attempts were unsuccessful. When this happens, the carrier will initiate the return back to the sender (100% PURE¼).

What do I do if my package does not get to me by the estimated delivery date?

Carriers often provide an estimated delivery date to show when a package is projected for delivery. These estimates often change depending on current weather or road conditions.
Please make sure to check the tracking number often to make sure that it is moving. If you still have not received your package after a week from the estimated delivery date, please let us know by contacting or 415-814-9788.

Tracking shows that my package has been delivered but I did not receive it.

  • Checking around the yard/house.
  • Checking with neighbors.
  • Checking with the carrier.
Often times carriers will leave packages in places where they think will be safest. (ie. Inside an open garage, besides a bush, etc.)
Sometimes deliveries may be made to the wrong location. (ie. Down the street, next door, etc.) If the above does not help locate your package, please try contacting the carrier or contact us at or 415-814-9788.
Carriers may update a tracking number in advance the day that it is projected for delivery.


Why is my tracking number not updating?

If your tracking number shows that the package has been delivered but you have not received it, please try the following:

  • Has the package shipped?
    • If the tracking has not updated, it might mean the package hasn’t yet been picked up.
      • Orders are generally processed and shipped on the same day unless an unexpectedly successful promotion occurs.
      • Our daily pickups are generally towards the end of the day.
      • Tracking information will be updated once the packages have been scanned into the system at the hub.
      • Please note that there is no visibility for USPS First Class packages. Tracking for these packages will generally show when it was shipped and when it was delivered.
      • There is step by step tracking for USPS Priority packages, but does not always update immediately.
      • If the tracking has updated and suddenly stopped, it might be caused by a delay (weather, traffic, etc) which should resume within a day or so.
      • If you cannot track your package a few days after you have received the shipping confirmation, please contact us by emailing or call us at 415-814-9788.

If the tracking has updated and suddenly stopped but does not continue updating within a day or two, it can mean:

  • Package is stuck and requires further assistance. (incorrect/ missing address).
  • Package is damaged or lost.

International Shipping:

Our products are available in the following countries. All inquiries regarding orders placed on our official international websites (1st table) may be directed to **PLEASE NOTE** that inquiries regarding orders placed on third party distributor websites (2nd table) must be discussed with each individual distributor. This includes shipping, returns, refunds, and exchanges.

Andorra Austria Belgium Bulgaria
Canada China Croatia Denmark
Estonia Finland France Gibraltar
Greenland Hungary Iceland Ireland
Lativa Luxembourg Malta Monaco
Montenegro Netherlands Norway Poland
Portugal RĂ©union Romania Slovakia
Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Ukraine
United States
Australia Brunei Czech Republic Finland
Germany Italy Malaysia Mexico
Netherlands New Zealand Russia Singapore
Slovenia South Korea Taiwan