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What’s the difference between a body butter and a body cream?

100% Pure Body Butters and Body Creams

100% Pure body butter and body cream formulas are both highly moisturizing, nourishing, skin softening and feed your skin with antioxidants, vitamins to keep your skin healthy and youthful while protecting against the harsh environmental elements (free radicals). Both formulas get absorbed to deeply moisturize and to make skin more elastic while organic fruit oils and butters hydrate and soften the outter layers of your skin. Since these 2 formulas do the same thing – they both moisturize, nourish, soften and feed your skin – these are the differences between butters and creams.

100% Pure Body Butter formulas are solid oils that melt on your skin – made in a base of mango seed oil, shea butter, and avocado butter for intense moisture. Body butters don’t contain any water to provide maximum level of moisture and nourishment so it’s especially healing to very dry skin and will eczema, psoriosis (spelling), dry and itchy skin and extremely helpful to those who are exposed to harsh winter climates. Body butters are also a must-have for pregnant women to use on their bellys to keep skin elastic and to prevent stretch marks! Body butters are a favorite with massage therapists who love how nourishing the formula is without feeling sticky, messy or uncomfortable on their clients – so the next time you get a massage, bring your body butter or give yourself a relaxing foot and leg massage!
100% Pure Nourishing Body Creams are still rich and intensely moisturizing but are a lot lighter and quicker to absorb. The creamy formula is perfect for people who wants to hydrate and nourish but doesn’t need the intense moisturization that the butter offers. Body cream formula is like aninstant drink of water that also plumps up the skin and lessens lines and wrinkles on your body – making your skin look instantly more healthy and youthful.
Whether the body butter or the body cream – both formulas are all truly 100% Pure, free of synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives and both formulas are packed full of healthy nutrients to keep your skin healthy.

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