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Note from a 100% Pure customer

We just wanted to share this lovely email we received from a 100% Pure customer, Holly.  Messages like these make us feel extremely grateful to all our customers and reminds us of why we work hard to create such healthy, pure products that are GOOD for you. Thank you Holly!


100% Pure

First off I just want to say that I’ve never ever emailed a company about their products before… but yours are SOOOOOOO AMAZING I just HAD to!

I wish 100%pure all the best and I pray you around for years and years and YEARS to come! All Natural & Affordable is RARE! but you are and I will never use a different brand now that I’ve found you.

I’ve been using your face products for a while now and love them…Never used any of the makeup though I just use your skin care products.
I also use your body products ..the creams.. lavender is amazing.. coconut also.. and until today that was all I had ever tried!

I bought the eucalyptus cream today and OMG. I’ve never felt anything like that in a full body lotion before! Who needs coffee in the morning if you have that cream!!!!!!! its like a jolt of energy you apply to your skin!!!! I thought I was in love your products before but now I’m just In complete aww..totally Sold.. so much so that I’m actually sending this cheesy email!

I just want to say Thank you for making these AMAZING PRODUCTS… I hope you NEVER change your formulas by adding cheap fillers and preservatives.. I will be a loyal customer for the rest of my life!

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