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3 New Masks

Introducing not one, but 3 brand new masks that will leave your skin looking and feeling amazing. Each of the masks are made of hydrogel which is composed of 95% organic aloe water and 5% plant cellulose. The mask was made to intensely hydrate and assist in delivering active ingredients into the skin. The longer you leave the mask on, the thinner the hydrogel mask becomes due to the absorption of water by the skin. Each of them is unique in its own way so try them all or try just one we know they won’t disappoint.

Green Tea Mask

The Green Tea Mask is made with hyaluronic acid and potent antioxidants from green tea to leave the skin looking smooth and hydrated. Antioxidants fight free radicals that age the skin by damaging skin cells and promote the appearance of aging skin.

Ginseng Mask

The Ginseng Mask is made from energizing ginseng root, which is packed full of phytonutrients which naturally increases collagen production for firmer, more toned skin.

Bright Eyes Mask:

The Bright Eyes Mask brightens the delicate skin of the under eye area for a more well-rested look. This mask reduces puffiness and creates a more smooth appearance.


Gabby Aikawa
Bio Chemist / 100% Pure Product Development

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